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Our trainers and coaches are some of the best in the industry. We strongly believe in the benefits of having someone guide you along the way and drive your best possible performance. The best athletes across all professional sports have multiple trainers. Why should you be any different? We specialize in providing hands on help in anything and everything from nutrition, form breakdown, program design and in person education. Our staff is constantly growing, learning, improving and seeking further education. This is what separates us from the rest.

Coaches and Trainers: About


Owner/ Head Coach.

JC has been working as a personal trainer and coach for over 12 years. Growing up, he was constantly bullied and made fun of for being skinny and weak. Initially, he began weight training seriously after high school with the goal of gaining size, strength and confidence in himself. Eventually, he fell in love with the results gained from strength training and began competing in both olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. JC has dreamed of owning his own gym since his youth and now focuses primarily on powerlifting, strength training and helping his clients get as fit and as strong as possible. JC does both in person 1 on 1 training as well as remote coaching and has a flexible schedule. He is always taking on new clients. Follow him on instagram. @ChapinStrength


B.S Kinesiology CSU Fullerton.
USPA Certified Powerlifting Coach.
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.
USA Weightlifting Level 1
Precision Nutrition Level 1.
Crossfit Level 1.
Nesta CPT.


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Coaches and Trainers: Team Members


Owner/ Personal Trainer


Ace Certified Personal Trainer.

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Coaches and Trainers: Team Members


Licensed Massage Therapist

Christina provides intentional manual therapy and movement correction so you can continue succeeding without pain even well after the session. Being a competitive athlete, she understands the significant impact of movement on our well being and how pain can hinder mental and physical progress. Through bodywork, Christina is working to bring holistic pain management to elite and recreational athletes alike. 

For availability & booking visit:

*Fuerza Gym Members receive a $15 discount on all bodywork sessions.


Licensed Massage Therapist.
USAW Level 1 Coach.
*4 years massage therapy experience.
*10 years competitive weightlifting experience.


Coaches and Trainers: Team Members


Asha graduated from California State University Dominguez with her B.A in Physical Education. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Exercise Specialist through NASM and brings 5 + years of experience of coaching to Fuerza Gym. Asha  specializes in strength, functional training and mobility and makes good movement the highest priority in all of her programs.

Relationships are key when working with a coach. Asha has experience working with complete beginners and athletes alike and guides her client through the process safely.

We are lucky to have her on our team as she has quickly become one of our top trainers.

Shoot her a follow or send her a dm to book a complimentary 1 on 1 with her @aesiraathletics 💎


B.S Physical Education CSU Dominguez Hills
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Performance Exercise Specialist

Coaches and Trainers: Team Members


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