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At Fuerza Gym, we pride ourselves on leading from the front. This means that as lifters, we know what lifters and athletes need to succeed . We have whichever specialty bar, machine, apparatus or device you need to take your performance to the next level. This Iist is by no means exhaustive but is constantly growing and improving. We constantly and strive to upgrade and improve our facility wherever possible.

Equipment: About


3 rogue monster squat racks
1 rogue monster rig (4 squat stations)
3 rogue deadlift/olympic weightlifting platforms
Rogue Competition Combo Rack
1 SOA Competition Combo Rack
1 Rogue Monster Westside Bench
3 Rogue Fat Pad Benches
2 Rogue incline Benches
1 Rogue Utility Bench
Monolift attachment

Equipment: Text


Bandbell Earthquake bar
Rogue Squat Bar
Kabuki Squat Bar 
Eleiko Competition Power Bar
Elite FTS Yoke Bar
Kabuki Transformer Bar
Titan Camber Bar 
Kabuki Duffalo Bar 
Kabuki Power Bar
Rogue KG Ohio Power Bar
Rogue Deadlift Bar
Rogue Ohio Power Bar 
American Barbell Mammoth Bar
Rogue Olympic Weightlifting Bar
American Barbell Competition Weightlifting Bar 
Rogue Ohio Bar Stainless
Rogue Ohio Power Bar Stainless
Rep Fitness Power Bar Stainless
Rogue Seal Row Bar
Rogue Bella Bar 
Texas All American  Bar
Texas Power Bar
Texas Deadlift Bar
Elite FTS American Cambered Bar 
Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar
Prime Fitness Trap Bar
Rogue Log Bar 8 inch
Rogue Log Bar 10 inch
Rogue Log Bar 12 inch
Rogue Farmer Handles

Equipment: About


Rogue Calibrated Powerlifting Plates
Rogue Training Bumper Plates 
Hi-Temp Bumper Plates
Werksan Competition Bumper Plates
Standard Barbell Plates

Equipment: Text


Rogue iso leg press
Rogue lat pulldown/low row
Freemotion Cable Crossover
Pit shark 
Rogue Donkey GHD/Reverse Hyper
Leg Extension/Hamstring Curl
Arsenal strength hack squat
Arsenal strength sissy squat
Arsenal strength lever row
Arsenal strength seated calf raise
Sorinex Hip Thruster
Sorinex Roller

Equipment: Text


Rogue Echo Bikes
Concept 2 Rower
Concept 2 Ski Erg
Concept 2 Bike Erg
Monster Assault Runner Treadmill
Rogue Sled
Torque Tank MX Sled
Torque Endless Rope

Equipment: Text


Dumbbells 5-125lbs
Fatbells- 5-120lbs 
Kettlebells 8-120lbs 
Wallballs 8-30lbs
Medicine Balls 10-50lbs 
Rogue Strongman Sandbags  30-250lbs
Rogue Sandbags 30-150lbs
Kegs 30-250lbs 
Rogue Crash Pads 
Rogue Plyo Boxes
Rogue Y1 Yoke
Slingshots/Hip Circles

Equipment: Text


Rogue Stainless Lat Pulldown
Tsunami Bar Lat Pulldown L.1
Tsunami Bar Lat Pulldown L.2
Tsunami Multi Bar L.1
Tsunami Multi Bar L.2
Tsunami Comfort Grips
Tsunami Rope Attachment
Prime Fitness RO-T8 handles
Angles 90 grips
Elite FTS American Cambered Attachment
Mag Grip Lat Pulldown
Mag Grip Medium Grip
Mag Grip Close

Equipment: Text
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