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We are a fully equipped, unstaffed gym. 24/7 access for members ONLY. 

No walk-ins! Day passes and new memberships by appointment only during staffed hours. 

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We are a collective of fitness professionals and  exercise enthusiasts aiming to bring the best possible place for athletes and serious trainees alike. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and in being masters of our craft. We created Fuerza Gym with one goal in mind; to set a new standard for the fitness industry. We were tired of having to deal with the nonsense of your typical commercial gyms. Here you will find access to the best equipment and coaching possible. Whether your goal is to compete in powerlifting, olympic weightlifting or to get your first pullup, you can call Fuerza Gym your home.

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We pride ourselves in being a gym built by lifters, for lifters. We specialize in providing some of the best equipment possible for athletes training in the sport of powerlifting. We have competition racks, calibrated plates, power/specialty bars, bands, chains and anything else you may require in the sport of powerlifting. Our community is always growing whether you are competing in USAPL, USPA or any other federation. We welcome beginners and advanced trainee's alike. Our ultimate goal is to develop and coach athletes at a local, national, and world level. 

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We provide high quality olympic weightlifting barbells, platforms, and competition standard plates for  weightlifters to hone their technical prowess. If you are trying to hone your technique; be it in the clean and jerk or the snatch, this is your home away from home.  We also have some of the best coaching possible for aspiring lifters and are constantly refining and improving our craft. We originally created Fuerza Gym as a home for weightlifters to reach international levels of competition. All levels welcome.

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We know that a road trip without a direction is fruitless. In the same vain, an athlete without a qualified coach is destined to not reach his/her full potential. We have worked tirelessly to provide you with the best guidance and coaching possible. Regardless of your goal; if you are ready to invest in your success, we can help. We have several trainers and coaches ready and willing to assist you in any possible goal you may conceive. Even coaches need coaches and anybody can benefit from top tier coaching. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will be in touch shortly.

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